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Born in Paris, Claudia is a highly experimented Voice Talent offering warm yet impactful, reassuring or simply natural conversational VOICE. Professional Home Studio with Soundproof recording booth set to achieve perfect Recording Sessions

My VOICE ont this video SHOPIFY - 1 MILLION  - French Version

Video launched to celebrate a million of small business owners using Shopify.

The Recording instructions: "powerful yet calm, natural and warm”

The goal: Revealing the true stories of unknown people whose lives changed thanks to Shopify

Professional Voice Talent

From the Radio Stations Studios to Professional Voice Talent,

I can offer today years of experience and a recognizable vocal signature.

Thanks to a wide variety of tones and styles, my voice is suitable for many Productions

and almost all projects using “the Talked Voice”

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Promotional Video for the French Federation Of Plastic Processing

Live Directed Session with The Agency, the Client and The External Studio

The Brief: “Slow, low and deep yet approachable Voice”

Male Voice Talent : François Lidove

This video introduces An NGO Association to promote Oceans Preservation

Launched in 2015, and unfortunately more than ever up to date, “Defi Plastic” is a marine scientific and educational expedition who will navigate in the heart of

The “Plastic Oceanic Gyres” around the globe.

CocaCola Tiffany Reebok Whirlpool

Among and others Renowned Brands using My Voice:

Radio TV Web Ads :        Victoria's Secret Whirlpool Tom Ford Reebok

E-Learning :        Mondelez Amazon Natixis Coca Cola Threat Metrix Fondation Merieux E-Bay...

Audio Guides:     Balenciaga Dalida Le Louvre Ellis Island NY...

Mobile App:     Paris Florence Rome Statue de la Liberte Musee de l'Immigration Ellis Island...

Video / Motion Design:    Coca Cola RealTimes Shopify JuicePlus Airbus...

Telephonie / Serveur Vocal:     Adidas Sanofi Norton...

And: United Nations European Parliament UNHCR...

Dubbing / Lip Sync : Netflix, France 24


Norton, Adidas, Reebok Shopify CocaCola Airbus Mondelez Amazon Sanofi Visa Europe

Fondation Mérieux Natixis Microsoft Nestlé Pfizer Le Meridien Merck IBM

L’Etat de Virginie Musée de l'Immigration - Ellis Island NY

UNICEF Heinz Habitat  Prix NobelVocollect TV Real Time Tiffany…


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A question? A rate? Availability Request?

You can give me a call +33 681 25 27 09

Or send me a message right bellow! Fast answer !

Need a "French Touch"?

Welcome in the world of Claudia Rousseaux's Voice!

French Native Voice Talent for many years, I did not choose this job! It grabbed me at the age of 3, when words has started to make sense and you suddenly understand how to use them. Authentic storyteller, my world at this time turned into a magic place where everything has something to say. Dolls, trees, insects, everything induced magisterial conversations, taking place at any time of the day. My poor parents had to “suffer” their “unstoppable talker”. When at 7 I first met Jean Pierre Foucault, a famous Radio Host talker on RMC, I decided that I will be a Radio Host myself. I never changed my mind !

From Radios Stations to Recording Studios, I literally learned my job, step by step. Giving sense to the words can be innate, but using your voice as a tool must be learned. Thanks to "crazy demanding" Sound Engineers, Art Directors and managers, Thanks to hours and hours of training, rearsal, readings, talkings, while hosting the "matinales" at Radio Monte Carlo,  I one day has been officially promoted "Professional" by the ones I repected the most!! Eternal thanks to all of them!

French Native Voice Talent