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Voice Over - Professional Voice Talent - Listen to my Demos
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Voice Talent Order and Process
Voice Over - Professional Voice Talent - Listen to my Demos
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Claudia Voice Talent - NO A lovely VOICE is NOT Enough !

Claudia, the very “French Touch” Voice Talent !

Play with my Voice !

Professional Voice Talent for over 20 years,

I have a true

vocal signature.

It gives a reassuring feeling

But… don’t be fooled!

I can amaze you!


Ads Web Marketing E-Learning VoiceOver


 Live directed recordings with SOURCE ELEMENT or ipDTL

Born in Paris, my "neutral" French accent transcripts perfectly the famous "French Touch". With my special distinct, warm, yet reassuring Voice timbre, you will have the choice among naturally stylish, reachable and versatile voice tones. Documentaries, Narration, Commercial Ads, Branding, Audio Guide, E-Learning, I always adapt my style to yours.

A Meaningful Voice

A LOT of Styles

Voice Talent...

Fun Narrative Sexy Elegant Serious Neutral

Playful Tacky Illustrative Funny Inspiring

Naughty explanatory Sweet...

Does the SCRIPT

creates the Talent...

'Not that SURE!

The Fairy Tale Way ?

The Maleficent Witch Way ?

Intimate ?

A little Tacky ?

I Adapt my VOICE to your Requirements


Breaking News Way ?

Promotional Commercial Ad ?

Old Dotard Way ?

Here is

The French

Consumers LAW

like you never

heard before !

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