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At the age of 20, after my Marketing / Communication graduation, and two years in Agence Havas Conseil - Neuilly as a Project Manager Assistant, I moved to « the South » for private matters. Barmaid, waitress… Boringness…

Until THE encountering happen! A Local Radio Station Owner, came for diner to the restaurant I was working in.

“come and make a trial recording, we need Girls voices once in a time”

I had the tremendous pleasure to mix and speak in the mic for one hour. Back at home… A phone call… “Come back NOW! We need YOU”! I signed my very first contract for hosting the 4 to 6 pm program, it was at Frequence sud !

One year later, I’ve been approached by a Headhunter from Radio Monte Carlo, one of the most renowned French Nationwide Radio Station… selected among 4000 demos, hired for the magic 6 to 9 morning show !

Then, followed up 15 years of radio animation, live recordings, “enjoyings”, and thousand of commercials or narrations recorded in Professional Studios…

In addition, I have proceed to the very first launch of Fun Radio in Saint Denis - Reunion Island, where they still remember “Coco” so far…

Claudia,The French Voice Talent for the PROS

Not ONLY a

Voice Over...

I started to shake hearts and minds in primary school ! Victor Hugo, Baudelaire, Prévert...

I loved the sound of the words, their music, and I quickly understood the power of WORDS. My dad has

teach me Eloquence,

I’ve add EMOTION.

My book, my Talisman, my reference, my guide:

The Little Prince

Saint Exupery

Up to 20 years as a VOICE TALENT

A real Vocal Technique

Sharp Equipments

Born in Paris, I was gifted a Naturally elegant and distinguished voice, showing a special warm vocal timbre, yet fittable for many projects.

I feel comfortable in many recording fields,

my vocal potential can navigate from

a project to the other

Radio / TV / Web Commercials, Narration,

E-Learning, documentaries, Corporate video, Telephony, Mobile App, you can count on a reliable Voice Talent, available, Professional, and always heedful to your needs

Need more?

I offer 100% Dubbed / Lip Sync recordings

Reliable, AVAILABLE and Flexible Voice Talent

I have built my own Recording Studio in 2008. Lucky enough to having met highly skilled Sound Engineers, I immediately chose the High End Equipment Solutions. The audio quality whether it be technical or acoustic responds to the most demanding Sound Engineers and External Studios needs. Efficient, available and responsive, I know what n Art Director, a Sound Engineer, A Marketing Agency or a film Maker is waiting for. I know how many energy and expectations you have placed in your project, and the part of my voice is definitively part of your success. You and me, we are sharing the same passion and the same finality: doing a great job and achieve great results !

To make it even more possible, I offer free ISDN or ipDTL live session.

I miss this “live” interaction when I work by my own, I deeply appreciate comments, live feedback, instructions and live retakes, when at the end, YOU get the recording you were expecting

My "Walk of Fame"

Paris, Nice, Lyon, Tel Aviv, Berlin, Rome, Bruxelles, New York, Londres, Amsterdam...

Des Studios et des Agences du monde entier

Prestigious Brands

Airbus - CocaCola - Amazon - Visa Europe – Microsoft - Nestlé – Pfizer - Le Meridien

The St. Regis New York - L’Etat de Virginie – UNICEF – Habitat - Statue de La Liberté

Shiva - Prix Nobel - American Express - Luxe TV - Real Time - Ferrari - Tiffany…

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