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Claudia Voice Talent - NO A lovely VOICE is NOT Enough !

Get YOUR Voice Talent NOW !

How does it WORK?

A « Lovely » Voice is not enough…

Ones try to make us believe that one day, all the recordings

will be “gender free” and artificially generated…

No buyout, no availability request, Unlimited possibilities and…

No more Recording FEES…

Well… I believe that this day, humanity will have

lost the battle against machines…

A Voice, is much more than a natural sound,

A  Voice makes some laugh, others cry, and many others…

Purchasing products.

A voice tells stories beyond the words, It’s a soul, it breathes, it’s alive !

Behind a Professional Voice Talent, there is years of training,

a Sound Engineer combined to an Art Director,

Tears and laughs, happiness and disappointment,

Great achievements and (it can happen) fear:

You can lose your Voice at any time…

Does a Robot feel fear or joy?

Thanks to many years of experience, I have learnt to play with my voice,

to adapt it to your very specific needs

In French, we call this “Une Voix Malléable”,

in other words, a Flexible Voice.


First of all, and according to your script’s length:

Please check my availability, Ask for a quote or set a rate

I provide fast turnaround delivery time (Fast and Serious :-)))

Don’t forget that live directed session is warmly

recommended for short scripts !

You can use Source Connect or ipDTL

I appreciate Studios’, Agencies’ and Clients’ Interaction !


You send me your script by email

Along with the vocal and technical requirements

You provide as much as reading instructions as possible

That’s it ! 

I send you my recording by email, Wetransfer

or specific ftp account, in wav, aiff, mp3

Retakes or script’s modification:

All misreadings (avoided as much as possible) are naturally

re recorded prior to any other current job.

Additional fees can be expected For Scripts changes,

Never for retakes

Believe me ! My VOICE is, will and will always remain

MORE efficient than a ROBOT !

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