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Neumann RME Avalon Synchronos Cubase

Professional Voice Talent in a PRO STUDIO

Let's PLAY with the SOUND !

Each recording,

Each specificities !

Audio resolution ? Format ?

MP3? Wav? Aiff?

44100 hz 16 bit?

48000 hz/24b bit?

GLaw? ULaw?


With ME you’ll have


Home Studio, Personal Studio, Individual Studio...

no matter the way we name it, a recording

studio must be built up to its promises

A Professional recording studio must respects

qualitative and technical standards set and elaborated

by the professionals of the Industry: background noise, isolation, reflection, acoustic, equipments…

Don’t think! You MUST trust your Voice Talent !

Need 100% Full DUBBED recording?

Thanks yo Synchronos and its Rythmo Band, JUST ASK ! You'll get it !!

Rates and Infos HERE !

You are DEMANDING ? Me TOO !


Soundproof Recording Booth

Neumann TLM 103

Mic Preamp : Avalon V5 Pure Classe A

+ Universal Audio Twin Finity

(Tube and Solid State Tone Blending)

Interface audio: RME Fireface UC

Audio Editing: Steinberg Cubase 7 + Wavelab 8

 AND Sony Soundforge

Dubbing / Sync Soft : Synchronos

Station Fujitsu Celsius W520

Source Connect + ipDTL Connexion


Pro Voice Talent in Pro HOME STUDIO

Picky picky… this audio Interface matches very well with the Avalon: both high end, both simple, both reliable !

Professional Dubbing / Lip Sync


Neumann TLM 103 : This is not the best ever from Neumann, but it is exactly what I need to make a great work according to my recording environment and material! This Neumann is a basic for Voice Over: no “transformation”, “voice amplification” or any other artificial effect§ Up to me to “send” good vibes and the appropriate voice tone!


AVALON V5 Pure Classe A

Offering multiple setting choices according to the initial voice tone and gender, it is the perfect Voice Over friend: simple, efficient, functional! In addition, it is just… Gorgeous !

RME Fireface UC

2nd mic for specific applications: USB Apogee Mic+

UA Twin-Finity

A unique TUBE Sound

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