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Claudia | French Native Voice Talent
Voice Talent Order and Process
Voice Over - Professional Voice Talent - Listen to my Demos
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A Meaningful VOICE

       An INSPIRING Voice

TV- RADIO - WEB - PROMOS - Are you looking for a Voice to launch a new BRAND ? A new PRODUCT ? To promote your upcoming Best Off ? To improve your VISIBILITY ? Make your EXPERTISE known to all ? Available and heedful, I always adapt my VOICE and my style to the Agency, Client or studio’s needs !

                                                                                               A voice for STORIES

TV - MUSEUMS - MONUMENTS - AUDIO BOOK - Documentary, Narration, Tour Guide, whether animated or almost neutral, my voice fits marvelously to the scripts telling the Great HISTORY as well as the everyday stories; it never turns boring or sleepy. Not too flat neither "too much", the audience wants to listen what’s next!

          A Voice to EXPLAINING

E-LEARNING - FORMATION - TRAINING - Whether it be for a Global Worldwide Leader Company or a Craftsman, whether it’s about to describe new accounting processes or data SECURITY, your E-Learning course will always be explained with discernment  and adapted to the targeted audience

                                                                                                A REASSURING Voice


Pharmaceuticals ? Medical Equipments ? Emergency Help ? My VOICE conducts all the steps you need to transmit for the use of your products or specific devices… with calm and serenely

          A Voice to GUIDING

Vocal Assistance or greeting message, On-Hold or statut message, I adapt once again my VOICE to YOUR Company’s or BRAND’S IMAGE. My Voice becomes YOUR Company

Each kind of PROJECT needs a specific VOICE style,

a dedicated voice tone, a specific speech pace, different INTONATIONS

Nothing happens without MEANING!

Every single syllable is deliberate and thoughtful…


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