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A quote is the base to start a negotiation, you can always feel free to make your suggestion according to your client’s or your own budget.

Voice Over pricing can widely vary from a VO to another.

Like every opened markets, today, every one sets its own rates.

Most of the time, wisely. Many times, widely!

Rating involves many factors to be taken in consideration:

Experience, professionalism, years of background, studio equipments, vocal technique, sound quality… and much more like availability, reliability, efficiency, ability for live sessions, flexibility, kindness, patience… And above all… TALENT !

In other words… You need to compare what is comparable.

Projects can be quoted per recorded minute, per word count, per script, prompt, line… But you can find a huge difference of price between for example 3 different projects of 1 minute each:

1 minute of internal use e-Learning will cost less than one a minute of a corporate web video, and even less more for 1 minute of marketing video.

This is why I always provide custom quotes, taking in count if the project will be used: Internally for employees, externally for end customers, on the web, on a mobile App…

Example for non broadcast projects quoted per word count:

Free services: Internal Use: E-Learning / Training for employees

User manual / guide / Explainer for end customers included with the purchase

Paid services: Audio Guide for Exhibition or Museums

Long Interactive Vocal System - Mobile App - Connected Objects

Example for non broadcast project quote per minute:

Web video (no pre-roll): Corporate Video - Motion Design - Business / Product Sale - Company Presentation

Rating Method:

Long recordings will be quoted per recorded word

Minimum fees : 100,00€ (from 1 to 5 mn) then per word

Short recordings will be quoted per recorded minute

No minimum fees - The rate depends of the final use

(corporate, marketing, sells…)

Broadcasted commercial projects including Web TV and Radio

Will be quote per recording session + buyout

Web commercial pre-roll projects will be quote per recording session + buyout.

Please feel free to contact me at any time,

I will always provide you with the most possible accurate rate,

listening to your needs

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